Updated: Oct 3, 2021

"He did evil, for he did not set his heart to seek the Lord." 2 Chron 12:14

The history books of the Old Testament tell of the lives of kings, both good and evil. This one-sentence summarization of King Rehoboam's reign should alert all people - not just leaders - to the dangers of carefree living.

Be warned: the human heart is naturally inclined to take the easy and evil way.

If you give no thought or take no action to seek the Lord today - or to guard your heart, take your thoughts captive to obey Christ, to set your mind on things above, to limit your words, or any other such thing the Scripture instructs - you will no doubt come into the evening with many regrets and having committed a great deal of sin.

You will have a Rehoboam-like day because you did not set your heart to seek the Lord. You approached life passively and let the day take you in whatever direction an unguarded heart may wish to go.

Perhaps you've had several Rehoboam-like days in a row...or several weeks or...why not break that pattern today? Set your heart to seek the Lord. Be intentional about growing in Christ today! (source: copied)

Your Life in Action: what three things can you do today, and every day, to set

your heart to seek the Lord?

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