Surprised by God

They spoke against God, saying, “Can God spread a table in the wilderness? He struck the rock so that water gushed out and streams overflowed. Can he also give bread or provide meat for his people?” (Psalm 78:19-20) How big is God? How strong is He? What can He do? Is there any-thing He can’t do? In theory, we’d probably answer these questions, and others like them with enthusiastic words of praise and admiration. We’d gladly boast in God’s unmatched magnificence. But our faith, as lived out through our day-by-day reality, may communicate something quite different. Like the Israelites in the wilderness, who seemed to think that God was capable of only those things they had personally witnessed, we might present a weaker God—one who can only repeat His past works, as wonderful as they were, but unable to do anything more or “new”. How foolish to think that He who gave them water from a rock could not also feed them solid food. Yet they were no less believing than we...God has redeemed some wicked people, but can He reach my prodigal child? God has restored broken marriages, but surely mine is too far gone. Reject those thoughts.


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